Select Board

Agenda & Minutes

Committee Members

  • Kelly Boyer, Chair
    Phone: 603-264-0146
    Term: 2022 through 2025
  • Peter Georgantas, Vice Chair
    Phone: 603-384-6261
    Term: 2023 through 2026
  • Collis Adams, Member
    Pheon: 603-660-9797
    Term: 2022 through 2025
  • Jim Craig, Member
    Phone: 603-361-4253
    Term: 2021 through 2024
  • Mark T. Lemay, Member
    Phone: 603-305-0507
    Term: 2021 through 2024
  1. Derek Horne

    Town Administrator

  2. Kathryn Fisher

    Executive Secretary


The Select Board manages the prudential affairs of the town and performs the duties prescribed by law. The Select Board consists of 5 elected members as authorized by the 1993 Town Meeting. Select Board members are elected for three-year terms on a staggered basis. The Select Board meets regularly the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, except during the months of September and October when they meet weekly for budget purposes. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman as needed. Meetings are located at Town Hall unless noted otherwise on the agenda. To request an appointment with the Select Board, please submit an Agenda Request Form.