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Town Hall

Visit Town Clerk - Phone number: 603-497-8990, ext. 811. To learn more about paying your bills online, check out our dedicated Online Registrations and Records page. The bills can be paid online:

NH DMV 20-day plates as well as NH authorized dealer 20-day plates, issued on or after February 26, 2020, have been given an automatic extension through May 31, 2020. These extensions do not apply to vehicle registration renewals.


Motor Vehicle



Visit Building - Phone number: 603-497-8990, ext. 814

Welfare Office

Visit the Welfare Office - Phone number: 603-497-8990, ext. 100

The Town of Goffstown Human Services Office provides interim emergency assistance for low-income residents in accordance with NH State Law RSA 165. Assistance is available with rent, food, utilities, and maintenance items. Each applicant will be interviewed confidentially to review household circumstances and eligibility for assistance. For further information regarding our assistance programs, call the Human Services Office.

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Visit Assessing - Phone number: 603-497-8990, ext. 813

The Assessing office staff are also here to assist with questions and applications for the following areas:

Planning & Zoning

Visit the Planning and Zoning Phone number: 603-497-8990, ext. 815

Administration Office

Visit the Administration Office - Phone number: 603-497-8990, ext. 100

Tax Office

Phone number: 603-497-8990, ext. 812

Sewer Office

Phone number: 603-497-8990, ext. 116

Finance & Personnel Office

Visit the Finance and Personnel Office - Phone number: 603-497-8990, ext. 817

Fire Department

Visit the Fire Department - Phone number: 603-497-3619

Police Department

Visit the Police Department.

  • Dispatch - Phone number: 603-497-4858
  • Records - Phone number: 603-497-2900
  • Legal - Phone number: 603-497-3624

Public Works

Visit the Public Works.

Goffstown Public Library

Visit the Goffstown Public Library - Phone number: 603-497-2102

Parks & Recreation

Visit the Parks and Recreation - Phone number: 603-497-3003
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