Budget Committee


The Budget Committee assists its voters in the prudent appropriation of public funds including the town, school district and village district budgets. There are 12 elected members and 4 representatives as authorized by the 2007 Town meeting. There is one representative from each of the following: Select Board, School Board, Goffstown Village Water Precinct, and Grasmere Village Water Precinct. The Budget Committee typically meets on a monthly basis, with July and August as exceptions. During November and December, they meet twice a week to prepare their budget for presentation in January. Meetings are at Town Hall unless otherwise noticed.



Samantha Kearns2022-2025
Brian Mazur2023-2026
Laura Stevens2023-2026
Joseph H. Alexander, Jr. (Chair)2021-2024
Melanie Renfrew-Hebert2021-2024
Stacey M. Bellemore2021-2024
Olivia Welch-Erdahl2023-2026
Frank T. Hobbs (Vice Chair)2022-2025
Lauren Doukas2021-2024
Allison DeCesere2022-2025
Richard W. Manzo2022-2025
Doug Pounds2023-2026

Peter GeorgantasSelect Board Rep.
Jared TalbotSchool Board Rep.
Richard FletcherGoffstown Village Water District Rep.
UnassignedGrasmere Village Water District Rep.
UnassignedSchool Board Alt.


Meet as needed


Derek Horne (Town Administrator)