2019 New Hampshire Trustee Association Library of the Year

2019 New Hampshire Library of the Year

The Goffstown Public Library has been recognized and named as the New Hampshire Library Trustee Association's 2019 Library of the Year.

2019 New Hampshire Trustee Association Library of the Year

This award is given to a New Hampshire Library that has demonstrated expansion and improvement of services and technology, expanded services to previously under-served parts of the community, developed partnerships with other libraries and community organizations and has proven value to the community measured by relationships with and support from town officials and members of the community.

The efforts of our Library Director, Dianne Hathaway, were a major contributing factor in the Goffstown Public Library being selected for this award. Our involvement in bringing the Courageous Community Conversations programs to Goffstown, as well as our partnerships with the other community organizations that worked with us on these programs were also highlighted as reasons our Library was named NHLTA Library of the Year for 2019.

The award will be presented in a ceremony at the Library on October 10 at 6 pm. The award ceremony is open to the community and all are invited to join us in celebrating this honor, cake and punch will be served.

In the News

Award Ceremony - October 10, 2019

It was an honor to receive the New Hampshire Library Trustee Association's 2019 Library of the Year award, and heart-warming to see so many community members in attendance Thursday evening, October 10, during the ceremony at the Library. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us.

Susan Gaudiello, NHLTA President presented our Library Trustee Chairperson Aimee Huntemann with the award.

".. the thing that holds the most value is how Goffstown Public Library strives to not only make Goffstown a better place but to include every resident in the process," said Kelly Boyer, Goffstown Selectwoman, in a letter submitted during the nomination. "That's really what our town library is about" agreed Susan. She also mentioned that the Goffstown Public Library's partnerships with Courageous Community Conversation collaborators and Moore center programming were " … above and beyond what we often see from libraries."

Senator Lou D'Allesandro attended and read a resolution from the New Hampshire State Senate extending its congratulations to the Goffstown Public Library in recognition of being named 2019 Library of the Year by the New Hampshire Library Trustee Association.

Also in attendance were New Hampshire State Librarian Michael York, and Goffstown Public Library Trustee board members Samantha Homan (Vice Chairperson), Kathy Coughlin, Kathy Holt, Schuyler Sund, Diane Hebert, and Lisa Iodice.

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