What will my kids need to bring to camp every day?

Children will need to bring the following to camp: 

  • Lunch/Snacks: Lunch will occur each day around 12:00pm. There will also be a break in the morning hours for a snack. Campers are not allowed to share snacks with one another due to allergies and dietary restrictions. So please be sure that your camper is set for the day with their own lunch and snacks.
  • WATER: We encourage each camper to come with lots of water for camp every day. There are water refill stations at the parks, but its best if campers have a water bottle to fill up. Coolers are allowed and the large water jugs are good options too.  
  • Sunscreen: Kids will be reminded multiple times per day to reapply sunscreen, but they must bring their own. They are not able to share and there will not be any available at the parks. We recommend putting a layer on at home before camp begins each day. 
  • Bathing Suit and Towel: Daily, the kids will get to go into the pool to enjoy the cool water. Bathing suits and towels are required every day to swim. Bathing suits must be appropriate in design. 
  • Sneakers: Activities can take place on multiple different types of terrain throughout the day. Blacktop pavement, running track, grass, woodchips on playset, dirt for the volleyball area. Due to the nature of camp and bouncing from one activity to another, sneakers are the best footwear option. Sandals, slides, flipflops, etc. could result in injury during group activities. 

What NOT to bring to camp: 

  • Medication or medicine: The camp staff is not allowed to dispense medications during the day at camp. This includes: Tylenol, allergy medication, ADHD medication, Benadryl, etc. Please do not send these to camp with your child. Epi-pens CAN be administered, as this is part of their first aid training. Individuals with epi-pens should hand the epi-pens to the counselors on the first day of camp. The epi-pens will be placed in a bag, labeled with the camper’s name, and held in a location that all counselors will be aware of, in the event that they need to be used. 
  • Toys from Home: While toys from home can be fun, often times they can be misused, misplaced, or broken at camp. Personal items should be left at home during the day. 
  • Cell Phones: Electronics are not allowed at camp and are not to be used. The best way to avoid use, is to not bring it. Electronic device use will result in a warning and further use, will result in confiscation until the end of the camp day. The recreation department is not responsible for any damage to electronic devices while the child is at camp. 

Optional to Bring: 

  • Hats: For additional sun protection. Must be appropriate in message and design. 
  • Pool Shirts: For additional sun protection.  
  • Money: Each day an ice cream truck will come to camp for the kids to enjoy. 
  • Flip-flops/Crocs/Sandals: For the pool area. Campers are not allowed to leave the pool area without shoes on, flips flops offer the best solution for entering and exiting the pool area. 

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