How do the State Classifications IV, V and VI impact maintenance actions?

Class IV, V, and VI roads are town-maintained roads. Class IV roads are state-numbered highways within a densely built-up portion of the town, often called the "Urban Compact Section". The limit of the Class IV sections is shown by signage indicating you're entering a "Compact Section". By state law, no state money can be spent to maintain the Compact Section roads. Class V roads are the normal road system built and maintained by the town for public travel. A new road, built by a developer and after public acceptance, falls into the Class V category. Until such a road is accepted, it is essentially a private road; the maintenance is the developer's responsibility and the town cannot provide trash pickup or snow plowing. A school bus route cannot use a private road. Class VI roads are old public ways never built to acceptable standards or a stretch of road taken out of public use (such as when a re-routed section is built; i.e., Henry Bridge Road). Class VI roads are essentially left to nature to reclaim. The town and abutters may not take any action to further remove traces of a Class VI road. The town is prohibited from spending money to improve the condition of the road; however, property owners needing a Class VI public way to access their property may seek permission from the Select Blade to perform very limited maintenance at their own expense.

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