Why do we have a road plan?

The road network represents the largest asset owned and maintained by the Town of Goffstown. Roads are vital components of our way of life. Good road access is very important to public safety. In today's world of on-time delivery, the road network is critical to commerce and economic development. Roads deteriorate over time no matter how well they are constructed, so it is critical to have a good plan for timely maintenance. The current road plan was adopted in 2001. Prior to the road plan, Goffstown's roads were not well maintained. Since 2001, Goffstown has continually updated roads to provide residents with good road access.

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1. Why do we have a road plan?
2. How many roads does the Town maintain?
3. How are roads prioritized?
4. What is the road plan budget based on?
5. What causes a road to break down?
6. Why are you paving that perfectly good road when my road is still terrible?
7. What is the process of road reclamation?
8. I thought this was a road plan why is so much work done on drainage?
9. Is there a list available to see what year my road is scheduled for repaving?
10. Does the state maintain any roads in Goffstown?
11. How do the State Classifications IV, V and VI impact maintenance actions?
12. Does the town have any gravel roads?