Boys Basketball Grades 3 Through 8

This program is instructional, yet competitive in which all abilities are invited to participate. All aspects of the game will be taught in a fun and instructional environment. The boy's 3rd through 8th grade basketball program is split into three divisions:

Boys 3rd and 4th Grade

Boys 5th and 6th Grade 

Boys 7th and 8th Grade 

League Details 


There will be a 1-Hour Practice, 1 night a week. Monday through Thursday are the potential practice nights, there are no practices on Fridays. Practice times begin no earlier than 6:00pm. Teams will have a designated practice day, time, and location determined by the coach. Practice locations include: GHS Back gym, Maple Ave. Elementary School Gym, MVMS Hilltop Gym, or MVMS Main Gym. Practices will be the same every week.


Each team will play 1 game each weekend, on Saturdays. All games will take place at Mountain View Middle School between 8am and 8pm. 1 game will be played at a time, and games are grouped together by age group.

Evaluation Clinic

The league begins with an evaluation clinic. During this time, we evaluate each of the players basketball abilities so that teams can be drafted as equally as possible. Please come to this clinic with your child properly equipped and ready to play. They will not need any personal equipment; basketballs will be supplied. Attire should include comfortable active wear and sneakers or basketball shoes and water.

Please note there will be no practices or games during the Thanksgiving or Christmas school breaks and the league will end mid-March.