The patrol division is the biggest division in the Goffstown Police Department.

The Patrol Division includes all uniformed patrol officers and the bike patrols. Officers are generally dispatched to calls for service by the Communications Division.

They also generate calls themselves through a proactive approach. Goffstown Officers are trained to firmly and fairly enforce state and local laws. Community Policing has always played a major role in the philosophy of the Department. How an officer interacts with the public is significant. Taking extra measures to ensure that a call is handled thoroughly, and taking time to accommodate a citizen, is part of this philosophy.

Motor Vehicle Enforcement

The Goffstown Police Department has always had a "firm, but fair" policy toward the enforcement of motor vehicle laws. This effort has curbed the rate of accidents with injuries and fatalities, in comparison to similar communities that experience a very large volume of traffic. DWI is aggressively enforced and prosecuted. Surveys of the community suggest that citizens want the level of motor vehicle enforcement to continue.

If you are pulled over by a marked police cruiser in Goffstown, please remain seated. You will most likely be asked to produce a license and registration. Your hands should remain visible while you avoid making any furtive moves. Police officers work under very stressful conditions and would prefer that a motor vehicle stop be as pleasant as possible. Goffstown Police officers are highly trained to be courteous and professional.

School Zones

Patrol officers strictly enforce the State of NH School zone law. In Goffstown, our school zones are clearly marked with signs. The speed limit in the Bartlett and Maple Avenue School zones is 20 mph. The Villa Augustina School zone speed limit is set at 30 mph. The school zone speeds are applicable when children are going to or from school. A violation will result in a summons and a minimum fine of $86.40. (NH RSA 265:60)

Bike Patrol

The Bike Patrol is a very successful utilization of an alternative patrol method. The program operates from spring through the fall. It is most practical as a patrol function when bike officers are in the school zones. Bike Patrol Officers also patrol the parks during the summer months, neighborhoods, and commercial businesses. At night, officers are very effective at patrolling areas such as industrial parks, businesses, and certain locations where people might congregate for illegal activities.

Accident Reconstruction

The Goffstown Police Department has officers trained in advanced accident investigations. When a serious accident occurs, these officers will respond to investigate the scene. Some patrol officers and supervisors have received specialized training. Most officers have attended the scene Accident Investigation, Commercial Vehicle Crash, Motorcycle Accident, and Technical Accident Investigation.

Performance Audits

The function of the Patrol Sergeant is to contact complainants to audit the performance of a patrol officer. The patrol sergeant will call upon a complainant, asking how the officer handled the call for service, if the officer performed necessary follow-up work, and what the level of satisfaction was, with the way the call was handled. Audits are usually conducted on Monday evenings within a two-week time span of the initial call for service.

Radar Trailer / Radar Survey

The department has a Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer (SMART). It is set up along the roads to alert motorists of their speed and the posted speed. We also have a covert radar that can conduct a radar survey without displaying speed information to motorists. You may request a survey for your street by calling 497-4858.