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Welcome to Goffstown TV!

Goffstown TV (GTV) is a community access television resource that provides a means of self-expression and information exchange in the form of professional, broadcast-quality video and podcast productions. Community television is the electronic realization of the First Amendment, it's a place where Goffstown residents can exercise their right to free speech on a television channel that can reach the masses.

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Public Shows & Community Events

Watch locally produced shows and community events.



Goffstown School District & GTV Sports

Stay up-to-date with Goffstown School Board meetings and local school event coverage.

Watch your Grizzly Sports in action.



Town Meetings & Government Information

Stay informed as to what your local boards are discussing and deciding.

Learn how your local government works and who is representing you.

Interested in becoming a Producer or a Volunteer? Contact the GTV Studio!


(603) 497-5707


GTV Studio @ Goffstown High School
27 Wallace Rd 
Goffstown, NH 03045

*Turn into the school parking lot and go around the building, to the right. GTV is located at the back center of the building.

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