Sewer Office

The secretary is the administrative assistant to the Sewer Commission. Semi-annual bills for Sewer Use Fee are sent by this office. If desired, the Sewer Use Fee may be paid at the Sewer Office rather than mailing the payment.

Contact the Department Secretary regarding:

  • Billing questions (Use Fees are also explained at Sewer Department)
  • Requests to be on the Sewer Commission agenda

View the Sewer Department page for information regarding:

  • Establishing a new sewer connection
  • Modifying a house or business such that the sewer flow will change
  • Obtaining a license to lay or maintain sewer lines
  • Reporting a problem in the sewer flow from your building to the main line in the street
  • Accessing Sewer Department forms (Permit Application, Pipe Layer License Application)
  • Determining sewer fees (Permit Application Fee, Pipe Layer License Application Fee, Accessibility (Connection) Fee, and Annual Use Fee)